Enjoy the slow side of life

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I saw an add on tv yesterday and it told me to enjoy the slow side of life. I liked that. I needed that. So I listened. It was not easy. I am the kind of person that has to use every minute that seems unoccupied. Every time I sit down I realize that there is something I could do. Something to wash, something to wipe, something to put away. But no, yesterday I listened to the add and banned every call to action from my head. What was I left with at the end of the day?

I found out there are six kinds of birds using our garden. Cheerful noisy bunch. I found the pleasure of taking a nap on our yellow eco leather couch. I discovered the delights of day time tv. I found out how a day can feel like a vacation. Most of all I discovered how nice it feels to just take it slow, to be entirely disconnected and just slow your heart beat and your thoughts.

Yeah, I will definitely do that again. Happy Monday everybody!

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